Comic Picks By The Glick

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet

July 28, 2010

You wouldn’t think that a Wolverine story written by Warren Ellis with art by Lenil Yu from the late 90’s would merit a hardcover edition, but here it is anyway.  Less a commentary on the story itself than on how the creators’ status has risen at the company over the past decade, this hardcover is grossly overpriced at $20 for four issues of content.  The story involves Wolverine (during the time he was without his adamantium skeleton) being hunted by MacLeish, a villainous killer our hero thought he had killed years ago.  Had I read this back when it came out, I probably would’ve thought it was an above-average story involving the title character, but I’ve since been spoiled by Ellis and Yu’s later and better works, not to mention the work of other writers (Jason Aaron, Greg Rucka, etc.) who have written the character themselves.  Still, it gets some points for the clever title.  If nothing else it makes me wish for Ellis and Yu to team up again to do a follow-up called “I’m Getting Better.”

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