Comic Picks By The Glick

WIBR: Cable vol. 3 — Stranded

May 21, 2010

Marvel's answer to the old Roadrunner cartoons reaches its third volume.  At this point, I can't really recommend the series to anyone who isn't already reading it since its recent end has made it painfully clear that this was a series whose only purpose was to stall for time.  I'll admit that its goal of getting Cable and Hope out of the mainstream Marvel continuity so that she could age into a proper character and jumpstart the current crossover "Second Coming" had the secondary effect of making it one of the few ongoing Marvel titles that does have a distinct beginning middle and end.  Too bad that it's wasted on a stalling tactic.  This volume has some nice moments with Hope and the boy who falls in love with her, decent action that involves the Brood, and competent art from Paul Gulacy and Gabriel Guzman; but it doesn't add up to much in the end.  Still better than "Messiah War," though.

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