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June 29, 2014

As someone who likes the “Knights of Sidonia” manga, I was planning on taking some time out from my *ahem* busy schedule of gaming and comics reading to check out the anime that’s being made out of it.  Now, after the runaway success of the “Attack on Titan” anime last year, I was kinda hoping (as I’m sure “Sidonia’s” American publisher Vertical was too) that the “Sidonia” anime would be popular enough to spur sales of the manga in a similar fashion.  So imagine my surprise when I read on Anime News Network the other day that the twelve-episode series has already finished its run and announced a second season.  The “second season” part is encouraging, though the first seems to have come and gone in Japan without much fanfare.  I find that disappointing, yet maybe the title’s English release on Netflix early next month will at least get some buzz for it going in the States.

Meanwhile, rumors of the Ultimate Universe’s end are starting up again.  In the wake of “Cataclysm,” the line was three titles strong with “Miles Morales:  Ultimate Spider-Man,” “All-New Ultimates,” and “Ultimate FF.”  Now, “Ultimate FF” is done and “Ultimates” is rumored to be on the chopping block again.  “Ultimate Spider-Man” will likely continue no matter what universe it’s set in, though it looks like that might be the one everyone is familiar with.  Why’s that?  Well, it may be that one of the events (if not “the” event) in “Time Runs Out” may involve the Ultimate Universe making an incursion into the main Marvel Universe.  I speculated on this possibility a while back, and now after actually reading “Cataclysm,” such an act almost feels like a mercy for this once proud Universe.

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