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The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (vol. 4): Night Powers

June 9, 2011

King Radical, a motorcycle that used to be a unicorn, a monster who runs a chain of supermarkets, an ancient cult of tennis-playing South Americans, dolphins with guns, hamburgers made from Babe the Blue Ox, frost giants attacking McNinja's hometown, and the awesome power of Frosty the Snow Monster! There's so much crazy stuff going on here, and not only is it mostly hilarious, but it also comes together to tell a proper story too!

Thrill to the ongoing adventures of Dr. McNinja, his kid sidekick Gordito (and his bitchin' mustache) as they face off against the half-man/half-lobster/all-criminal Robster, play a tennis match to save the Earth, and acquire the most radical motorcycle ever. It all comes to a stunning climax as the doctor realizes that his will is slowly being manipulated by a powerful force... after he's killed dozens of bad guys and forsaken his "...first do no harm" oath. Yes, there is a lot of stupid here -- but it's the kind of stupid that's AWESOME! Believe it or not, this is a series that actually gets better with time as the previous volume has aged better than my initial thoughts would indicate. This is a great collection and I'm glad that Dark Horse has picked up the series for publication.

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