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Normal Service Has Been Resumed

June 17, 2011

Just letting you know that after some technical issues, I'm back online.  While it was frustrating to not know why this was going on at first, the end result was relatively simple.  There will also be some changes coming up in relation to this within the next month, but you'll see that when it happens.

You'll find the latest podcast above this post.  Naturally, it's all about "Green Lantern."  I'll hopefully find the time to see it sometime this weekend; however, I'd hate to be an exec at Warner Bros. right now.  I know they're banking on this to launch not only a "Green Lantern" film franchise, but to also kickstart a line of movies based on other DC comics in much the same way that "Iron Man" did for Marvel.  I'm not saying it won't happen, it's just that successful film franchises usually don't start at 22% positive at Rotten Tomatoes.  Just ask Tony Stark.

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