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Murcielago vol. 13

March 24, 2020

There are signs that this series might be getting back to its old, nasty self.  They’re after the wrap-up of the “Master Swordsman” arc, though. The finish to that storyline serves up some decent action as Kuroko and Kurono’s duel through the ancient castle takes a fiery turn thanks to the former’s shenanigans.  While the swordfighting here gets the job done, the most memorable bits of the conflict come from Kuroko’s utter disrespect towards it. Whether it’s simply turning and walking away from Kurono when she’s spotted taking a katana, bringing some friends into the fight, or grabbing the hem of the swordswoman’s dress with a “‘Kay, stop,” while she’s making a dramatic proclamation, Kuroko’s insouciance is a delight to behold.


Then we get to the next arc, and whaddya know we’re revisiting a very old storyline.  Do you remember when Kuroko (willingly) became the member of an all-girls cult that killed certain members for its perverse whims?  Well it turns out that the corpse of its leader has disappeared from its grave. Oh, and there’s a new string of killings with people having chunks of their neck bitten out and blood trails leading to the nearest sewer opening.  You know, they never did catch the sister of that cult leader…


Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to an arc about a serial killer who lives in the sewers, biting out chunks of people’s necks?  Possibly. Then again, it’s also a sign of how “Normal “Murcielago” isn’t as entertaining as “Nasty Murcielago.” While the hints of a bigger threat tying everything together are pushed here again, this series has always been at its most engaging when it has tried to push the envelope in terms of appropriate content.  I’m not saying that we need another storyline about a serial killer who targets children, but one which is as gruesome and strange as this one looks to be would seem to be just right.

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