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Delicious in Dungeon vol. 6

December 24, 2018

I’ve got some bad news for fans of this series.  While Yen Press has done a great job of putting out these volumes on a regular schedule, they’ve finally caught up to the Japanese release.  What’s more is that because “Delicious in Dungeon” is serialized in a magazine that only comes out ten times a year, new volumes are likely to only be an annual occasion from here on out.  (Vol. 7 has yet to materialize in Japan.) At least the unpleasantness of this fact is lessened by this latest great volume which serves up delightful helpings from its dramatic and comedic sides with practiced ease.


Most of the drama comes from the first three chapters which deal with the fallout from our group’s encounter with former comrade Shuro’s entourage and the other group of adventurers that they’ve had two dubious encounters with prior to meeting them in person.  Since Laios is such a straightforward and honest person, he eventually tells them that Falin was resurrected using Marcille’s knowledge of Black… I mean, Ancient Magic. Before things get out of hand, the parties are interrupted by a harpy attack which happens to be led by a chimera-fied Falin.  This mini-arc has a great mix of action, humor, and drama as most everyone finds a unique way to deal with the crisis at hand. That everything wraps up in a satisfying fashion -- with what I consider a GOAT image as Laios tamps down on his emotions to attack the chimera -- is really impressive when you think about the various tones and personalities mangaka Ryoko Kui has to balance here.


Things get back to a semblance of normal with the chapters that follow as our group winds up having to deal with shapeshifters, nightmares (which taste great after being sauteed in butter), and pick up a new party member with her own issues along the way.  You could argue that the series is falling back on its formula here, but each chapter is enriched by the great character details offered up by the mangaka regarding her cast. Particularly in the shapeshifter chapters as good-natured doofus Laios winds up having to play detective in order to figure out who’s really real.  All of this is worthy of the series high standard and worthy of being savored until the arrival of vol. 7.

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