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DC Previews Picks: December 2012

September 21, 2012

Greg Rucka is leaving Marvel and DC behind and he’s got some fascinating words to say about the two companies.  I may have more to say about that at a later date, especially when you consider that while the A-list is stronger than it has been in quite some time for DC, everything else below that is struggling to keep what traction it has.  As you’ll see that there’s PLENTY to be deeply cynical about after the jump, we’ve still some good stuff to be found in these solicitations.

Sword of Sorcery #3: Not planning on reading this, but Chris Sims has a great article about the #0 issue that shipped this week and the plot element that should not have found its way into the comic.  You can almost hear him banging his head against the wall as you read it.  Still, would it really have been THAT hard to do a comic like this that didn’t involve rape?  Apparently so according to DC editorial.

Arrow #’s 1-2: Pretty smart of DC to publish a tie-in to the TV series of the same name.  Want to know what would’ve been even smarter?  Publishing it in time for the show’s premiere next month.  While I understand that it’s the CW’s big launch for this season, there still exists the possibility that it could bomb so hard that the show will be off the air by the time these comics are scheduled to arrive.  I’ll admit that it’s unlikely, but the possibility is hilarious.

Batman:  Night of the Owls HC: I was thinking about picking this up, but it’s apparently not the next volume of Snyder/Capullo’s “Batman” as it only collects issues #8-9 and the annual.  As I understand the hook for most of these issues was, “A Talon shows up to menace the book’s cast and they fight,” I don’t think I’m missing too much here.  Unless the next proper volume can convince me otherwise, this will be one to skip.

Animal Man vol. 2:  Animal vs. Man: FINALLY!  Something that I’m actually looking forward to and doesn’t trigger my sarcasm/cynicism reflex!  The first volume was a great, creepy take on the C-list hero whose family life is actually an integral part of his status quo as they find themselves menaced by the Rot.  Jeff Lemire is still writing, and while artist Travel Foreman is out, Steve Pugh takes over  and based on his past collaborations with Garth Ennis, I think he’ll fit in just fine with the book.

Justice League vol. 1, Batwoman vol. 1, Wonder Woman vol. 1, Green Lantern vol. 1: All four of these books are arriving in softcover this month -- just in time for Christmas now that I think about it.  Of these, I highly recommend “Wonder Woman” as Brian Azzarello’s “mythological tale in superhero clothes” was surprisingly satisfying, though “Green Lantern” is still a must-read if you’ve been following it for as long as I have.  While “Justice Leage” is the line’s flagship title and features art from Jim Lee, it’s basically one big fight scene -- a Michael Bay movie in comic form.  If that’s your thing then you’ll find your money’s worth here.  I will probably give “Batwoman” a shot because of J.H. Williams’ art and to see how different it is from Rucka’s take on the character.  Should be interesting reading based on that aspect alone...

Django Unchained #’s 1-2: Adapted from Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay for his movie with art by “Scalped’s” R.M. Guera.  It’s about a slave-turned-bounty-hunter out for revenge and to find his lost wife.  The trailer is awesome, but parts of Tarantino’s previous movie, “Inglorious Bastards,” felt so overlong and self-indulgent that I’m worried about getting more of the same here.  I’m also amused by the solicitation text noting that the adaptation “may contain scenes that may not make it into the final cut of the film.”  I had long figured that the filmmaker was one of a select few directors who get final cut regarding the version of the film that’s released in theaters.  While I’ve liked many of them, they also feel like he really doesn’t like to cut anything, no matter how much it weighs down the narrative.  Anyway, I’m not sure why I would want to read this than go see the movie (or vice versa), though I will admit that Guera is a perfect fit for the material and it should at least look fantastic.

Absolute Batman and Robin HC, Global Frequency TP, Sleeper Omnibus: All are excellent and worth your time.  File under, “If you haven’t bought them already...”

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