Comic Picks By The Glick

Comic-Con: The madness so far.

July 21, 2011

Getting my badge and running the gauntlet of sales at Preview Night was the easy part. That said, if you're at the con you should make the effort to stop by Fanfare/Ponet-Mon's booth (2102) and buy something from Stephen there. He's a great guy and full of passion for what he does. I thoroughly recommend the first two volumes of "Summit of the Gods" if you don't have them yet.

However, this con has already produced one disappointment as the pre-reg situatio for next year is even more limited than I first thought. Only 2400 badges were put on sale today and they were gone before my friends and I got there a little before 8:30am. Hundreds of people were still lined up after the sellout. So if you want to get your pass for 2012 you might need to prepare yourself for a long, cold night by the marina. Who knows, maybe I'll be doing that myself after Ric Meyers' Superhero Kung-Fu Extravaganza tonight.

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