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Claymore vol. 24

May 20, 2014

What keeps this series entertaining for me is the constant stream of plot twists and complications that confound my expectations for what is essentially a B-list title in terms of artistic skill.  Granted, some of these twists and complications are less exciting than others, but “Claymore” has built up some real momentum in the storytelling department over the last several volumes.  That comes to a grinding halt here as mangaka Norihiro Yagi has apparently decided that the time for talking and planning is over and that it’s time to begin the FIGHTING!  This volume is essentially a series of throw-downs between Priscilla and “a monster surpassing an Abyssal One” while our cast of former Claymores team up with some Awakened Ones to take out a rampaging Awakened Cassandra.

It’s all far less exciting than it sounds, mainly because Yagi hews far too closely to the methodical, exposition-driven combat that defines a lot of Shonen Jump titles.  The difference here is that his art isn’t dynamic enough to enliven all of the talking and the actual fighting.  He does come up with some cool designs for the new cast of Awakened Ones, so I’ll give him that.  We do get some interesting backstory on Priscilla in one scene, and things end with a potentially interesting revelation about the cast’s ability to “half-awaken” as Youma.  It’s things like that which keep me reading this title and I hope that the next volume finds a better balance between them and the fighting which it still considers to be a key part of its appeal.

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