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Ajin: Demi-Human vol. 13

November 25, 2019

This current storyline has the feeling of a final arc, what with how everything hits the fan here, but it still feels like we’ve still got a ways to go yet.  That’s because Sato has finally revealed his plan for destabilizing Japan. It employs the same kind of stupid/clever planning that this series has specialized in regarding Demi-Humans and their abilities.  So while I guess that Sato’s scheme could actually work, it still has me thinking, “Wasn’t there an easier way to do this?” More importantly, this setup reduces his presence considerably in this volume. That’s never a good thing because we’re left to focus on Kei and the rest of the cast instead as they play catch-up.


Is that as interesting as it sounds?  Pretty much. I’ve never really thought Kei was a very good protagonist as he’s always lacked Sato’s charisma and has done little to drive the events of the story himself.  So we’re left with seeing him reason out the crazy old soldier’s plan and the rest of his allies split up into groups to find out where he’s holed up at. So while things are being set up for vol. 14 to really deliver on this title’s one strength -- action -- it means vol. 13 is a little lacking in that department.  Still, it has its moments -- Okuyama being really helpful when he realizes the jig is up, Kei getting some very unexpected backup thanks to Tosaki -- and they’ll have to do until next time.

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