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God Hates Astronauts vol. 1: The Head That Wouldn’t Die

October 29, 2013

This stands as one of the most gloriously stupid things I’ve ever read in my life!  If you consider that a recommendation, then your next step should be clear.  However, if you don’t then whatever I say next won’t likely change your mind in the slightest.  So let me say that this series begins with a superhero team fighting legendary bare-knuckle brawling champ John L. Sullivan and his team of bears, during which their leader, Star Fighter, gets his head pulverized into a gooey bag of mushy skull bits.  As he is immortal, his is the head that would not die.  JUST LIKE THE TITLE!  IT IS SYMBOLIC FORESHADOWING IN THE GREATEST OF LITERARY TRADITIONS!!!!1!

From here, we see Starrior deal with his hideously deformed head, his wife’s affair with the equally deformed Texas Tom, Tigers Eating Cheeseburgers, Zombie Sullivan, ghost cows, extended references to the sitcom “Family Matters,” Super Sullivan, and so many more pop culture references that creator Ryan Browne had to list them all at the back of the book!  Does it make any sense?  Depends on how you define the term.  If you can’t stand stories that are nothing but a string of references to other things, or play out like the fever dream of an eight-year-old boy who flushed his Ritalin prescription down the toilet, then you’re going to want to start developing psychic pyrokinetic powers to set fire to all of the available copies of this book.  Otherwise, you’ll view the “vol. 1” in the book’s title as the promise for future greatness rather than a threat!  Maybe then we’ll find out just why God has it in for those astronauts.

Jason Glick

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