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Delicious in Dungeon vol. 3

December 18, 2017

What kind of dungeon-centric cuisine can you expect to experience in this latest volume?  How about broiled kraken parasite -- with sauce!  There’s also a meal made from grilled bits of kelpie, an undine boiled with tentacles into a stew, tentacle gnocchi with giant frog meat, and porridge that was made from rice floating around some (dead) adventurers.  As always the imaginative dishes our protagonists cook up are the main attractions here.  Well, along with seeing how they manage to kill the monsters in question that make up these various dishes, and how they can come back to life after getting killed in the process of doing that.


Vol. 3 adds a few interesting wrinkles to the world of “Delicious in Dungeon.”  Such as the bit about how resurrection works:  only in the dungeon because it’s under a curse that binds a soul to a body.  We also get some nice backstory about the relationship between Marcille and Falin (Laios’ dragon-digested sister who everyone is trying to rescue) as we see their time in school together as the laid-back and inquisitive latter teaches the book-smart former a thing or two about how magic works.  Original dwarven party member Namari makes a return with a new group, just in time to grudgingly help the party recover from being attacked by an undine and to recognize the rare metal Senshi’s pot and lid are made out of.


It may not have started out this way, but mangaka Ryoko Kui is managing to interject a notable amount of worldbuilding and character development into its title.  While its main focus will always be on the meals that can be made out of monsters, you can expect to see the story and characters become more interesting as things go on.  This is the beginning of “Delicious in Dungeon” transcending its core gimmick and I can assure you that things are only going to get better from here.

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