Comic Picks By The Glick

Comic Picks #40: The Surrogates

September 30, 2009

Almost in time for the movie, my thoughts on the graphic novel(s) by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele that inspired it.

In case you were wondering, I recorded this before I went out and saw the movie last weekend.  Had I seen the movie before recording this, I would've recommended that those of you who were planning on seeing the movie to just take the money you would've spent on the ticket and put it towards buying the graphic novel that inspired it instead.  It's not that the movie is awful, but it demonstrated a clear lack of faith in the source material as it replaced the majority of the graphic novel's plot with something of the screenwriters' own devising.  So if the idea of "The Surrogates:  As done by the people who brought you 'Terminator 3'" sounds like a can't miss idea for you, then run -- don't walk -- to see this.  Otherwise, go read the graphic novel and follow it up with a good Bruce Willis sci-fi movie ("13 Monkeys") instead.

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