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WIBR: Wolverine Weapon X vol. 2 — Insane in the Brain

July 20, 2010

While the first volume of “Wolverine Weapon X” was pretty much everything you could want, or expect, from a Wolverine story writer Jason Aaron takes a different approach with this second volume.  “Insane in the Brain” begins with Logan in an insane asylum and not being able to remember how he got there, who he used to be, or even what his name is.  Now we all know that he’ll eventually remember, pop his claws and unleash his berserker rage on the guilty parties, but the real fun of the story comes in how Aaron slowly escalates the weirdness of the setting, and showing how the title character is helpless to do anything about it before that happens.  He also creates a promising new villain in Dr. Rot due to the fact that he specializes in messing with the one aspect of Wolverine that’s always been a bit scrambled over the years:  his brain.  The volume concludes with an interesting one-off as Wolverine gets a new girlfriend and the audience hopes that she doesn’t wind up dead like ALL (well, there was that girl from Greg Rucka’s run...) the rest.  You are getting less pages for your money in this volume, but it’s a more satisfying experience.

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