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And in five more years we’ll figure out how to edit the “about” page.

June 5, 2013

Today (at least at the time I started writing this) marks the fifth anniversary of the first post ever made to this site.  More than anything, I continue to write, podcast, and post to this site because I don’t want to remain just a consumer of the comics I read.  Before I started writing this, I’d constantly make resolutions to “write more this year” but never got around to it for one reason or another.  Usually that reason would involve videogames.  Then John told me that he was looking to get into podcasting and wanted to utilize my knowledge of comics for a podcast specific to that.  Initially “Comic Picks by the Glick” was weekly until the burden of editing it and two other podcasts understandably became too much of an issue.  Things were scaled back to the once-every-two-weeks schedule we’ve maintained since then.

Realizing that people need regular updates if they’re going to continue to visit your site, I started posting written reviews every other Wednesday night.  So while I update irregularly throughout the week, you can always expect something new then.  As for why I started updating more often than once a week...  I can’t remember the exact reason, but I’m fairly certain it was for no other reason than to try and boost traffic to the site.  That didn’t quite work out as dramatically as I was expecting.  Of course, it got me to write more, take better consideration of what I was posting, and refine my style over the years.  The numbers didn’t increase dramatically, but they were slowly going up.

Then, late last year, the “site visitors” numbers started spiking like I had never seen before.  John and I have opted for the cheapest plan here so we haven’t been able to tell exactly what set off this massive growth.  I fully expected the numbers to recede after a while back to what we were getting, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Much to my surprise it seems that everyone here seems to generally like what I’ve been doing.  So even though this is long overdue, thanks and welcome to the site!

It’s nice knowing that I have an audience, though I’m still trying to figure out how I can leverage you to buy enough copies of “Eden:  It’s an Endless World!” to get Dark Horse to complete it.  What?  You thought I’d get through this anniversary post without mentioning that?  YOU THOUGHT WRONG!  In fact, you can continue to expect me to bring it up from time-to-time, along with my thoughts on Dark Horse’s continuing decline as a manga publisher, Marvel’s collection shenanigans, ongoing bouts of Ellis, Ennis, and Bendis completionism, and more focus on writers than artists.  All I can say is that once I get around to making the tenth anniversary post, I’ll hope to have expanded my range of interests to talk about.

Of course, if you’ve got any suggestions about that then I’m willing to listen.

Jason Glick

(Yes, I realize that adding something that should’ve been done back when I started this site is a terrible way to mark this occasion.  But like the industry’s slow march towards digital... baby steps.  That’s the best excuse I have.)

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