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Assassin’s Creed:  Subject 4

Assassin’s Creed: Subject 4

August 1, 2013

The last “Assassin’s Creed” graphic novel I read, “The Fall,” rose above the usual licensed videogame comic tie-in standard and managed to be a great read that offered new insight into its source material.  I was planning on picking up its sequel, “The Chain,” before hopefully finding it at Comic-Con, yet that didn’t turn out quite as I planned.  That’s because “The Chain” was only being sold through Ubisoft’s website for $20, which is steep for a softcover 96-page graphic novel.  I had enjoyed “The Fall” enough that I was about to bite the bullet... until I saw that Ubisoft was going to charge me an extra $10 for shipping and handling.  That killed any desire I had to get the story from its source.

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